Gurkha Castle Hall Nicaragua Magnum


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  • Size: 6X60, a grand format that promises an extended, luxurious smoking experience.
  • Wrapper: A rich, Nicaraguan wrapper that envelops the cigar in a cloak of sophistication, presenting a smooth, oily sheen that ignites the senses.
  • Binder: The Nicaraguan binder harmonizes with the wrapper, adding depth and structure to the cigar’s robust profile.
  • Filler: A blend of finely selected Nicaraguan long-fillers, offering a symphony of complexity and boldness, with layers of flavor that evolve throughout the smoke.
  • 20 Ct. Box
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From the very first draw, the Gurkha Castle Hall Nicaragua Magnum envelops you in a tapestry of flavors, beginning with a bold, spicy kick that gently mellows to reveal notes of earth, cedar, and a subtle sweetness reminiscent of dark chocolate or ripe fruit. The smoke is rich and full-bodied, yet remarkably smooth, creating a balanced and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

As the journey progresses, hints of leather and nutmeg emerge, adding to the complexity and richness of the smoke. The finish is long and satisfying, with a pleasing aftertaste that invites you to linger in the moment a little longer.


Each Gurkha Castle Hall Nicaragua Magnum is a testament to the art of cigar making, hand-rolled with precision and care. The attention to detail is evident in the cigar’s impeccable construction, ensuring a consistent burn and an effortless draw. The 6X60 size is not just a statement of size but a commitment to providing a smoking experience that is both grand and intimate, allowing the smoker to savor the intricacies of the blend.

For the Connoisseur:

The Gurkha Castle Hall Nicaragua Magnum is designed for the discerning smoker who appreciates the finer things in life. It’s a celebration of tradition, craftsmanship, and the rich heritage of Nicaraguan tobaccos. Whether enjoyed as a solitary pleasure or shared among friends, this cigar is an invitation to indulge in a moment of luxury and contemplation.

A Royal Legacy:

With the Gurkha Castle Hall Nicaragua Magnum, you’re not just smoking a cigar; you’re partaking in a legacy of excellence. This cigar is a tribute to the storied history of the Gurkha brand, offering a smoke that is as majestic as it is memorable. Embrace the legacy, and let the Gurkha Castle Hall Nicaragua Magnum transport you to a world of regal pleasure and unparalleled satisfaction.


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