Gurkha Cellar Reserve Platinum Edition


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  • Size: 6×60, a grandiose format that promises a prolonged and immersive smoking journey.
  • Wrapper: A meticulously selected Ecuadorian Oscuro wrapper, rich and dark, enveloping the cigar in an aura of mystery and allure.
  • Binder: The Nicaraguan binder serves as the perfect complement, adding depth and character to the blend.
  • Filler: An exquisite blend of the finest Nicaraguan long-fillers, aged to perfection, ensures a smooth, yet complex profile.
  • 20 Ct. Box


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The Gurkha Cellar Reserve Platinum Edition greets you with a bold, inviting aroma, hinting at the richness to come. Upon lighting, it unveils an intricate tapestry of flavors – from the initial notes of espresso and dark chocolate to the evolving layers of spice, leather, and oak. The smoke is luxuriously creamy, creating a velvety cloak that envelops the palate, while the strength is perfectly balanced, offering depth without overwhelming.

As the experience unfolds, subtle hints of sweetness emerge, reminiscent of caramel and dark fruit, adding to the cigar’s complexity. The finish is majestic, leaving a lasting impression of elegance and satisfaction, a testament to the cigar’s impeccable blending and aging process.


Every Gurkha Cellar Reserve Platinum Edition 6×60 is a masterpiece of the cigar maker’s art, hand-rolled with precision and care. The Ecuadorian Oscuro wrapper not only adds to the visual appeal with its deep, lustrous sheen but also contributes significantly to the flavor profile, providing a richness and depth that is truly exceptional. The construction is flawless, ensuring an even burn and a draw that is both smooth and rewarding, allowing you to savor every moment of the experience.

For the Discerning Palate:

This cigar is not just a choice; it’s a declaration of appreciation for the finer things in life. The Gurkha Cellar Reserve Platinum Edition 6×60 is crafted for those who understand that some moments deserve nothing but the best. It’s a perfect companion for reflective solitude, a celebratory toast, or as the centerpiece of an elegant gathering.

Indulge in Excellence:

With the Gurkha Cellar Reserve Platinum Edition 6×60, you are invited to indulge in a moment of unparalleled excellence. This cigar is a tribute to the legacy of Gurkha – renowned for creating some of the world’s most prestigious cigars. Embrace the opportunity to experience a cigar that transcends the ordinary, offering a journey of flavor, complexity, and pleasure that is truly extraordinary.


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